Island Coast Orthopedics


Leaders In Technology



Island Coast Orthopedics was the first in Southwest Florida to use the C-Leg (Computerized Knee).  The founder and chief practitioner Joshua Ryder has emerged as a leader in the Orthotic and Prosthetics field.  

Some of the many technologies:

C-Leg Computerized Knees

Providence Scoliosis System

Advanced R.G.O

CAD-CAM Design Technology


" I believe that the marriage of art and science is the best way to combine innovative technology with good old hands on fabrication skills to produce the best results for my patients."

                      Joshua C. Ryder  


Island Coast Orthopedics prides itself on delivering expert fitting techniques to each client, with a commitment to clinical leadership. Individualized fittings, alignments, and gait adjustments are customized not only to a specific amputee's functional needs, but are also performed until the client attains the highest level of satisfaction and comfort.  We knew there had to be a better way to provide clients with a custom prosthesis while maintaining top quality amputee care.

At Island Coast Orthopedics, our certified clinicians provide custom prosthetics and orthotics for clients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics.  Our Care Centers are currently located in Cape Coral, Florida and Port Charlotte, Florida.  Our reputation of being the premiere prosthetics facility in Southwest Florida has been earned over the years, because we truly listen, and want to provide our clients with an independent life-style as soon as possible.  The company is practitioner-owned and operated.

Here at Island Coast Prosthetics, we have created the kind of environment that we wanted for ourselves.  In that spirit, we offer experienced caring personnel, certified practitioners, a state-of-the-art facility, the highest quality components, and above all, a commitment to our clients that transcends all else.